Louise and Barry Taper Collection


Louise and Barry Taper Collection


Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Lincoln, Mary Todd, 1818-1882
American Civil War (1861-1865)
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Louise Taper amassed the largest private collection of Lincolniana in more than a half-century, the earliest of his boyhood sumbook pages, ca. 1824-1826; and more than 100 letters or notes in the hands of Abraham or Mary Lincoln. Also among the 1,500 items in the collection are manuscripts by friends and contemporaries, personally owned books and clothing or other accoutrements, prints, broadsides, newspapers, artworks, period photographs, and assassination-related materials.


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Collection Items

Junius Brutus Booth to Doctor Aitkin
Junius Brutus Booth writes Doctor Aitkin urging the doctor to treat "my little girl and get her out of danger."

Promissory note of James Bradford Lincoln to Walter Huston
James Bradford Lincoln signs this note in which he promises to pay Walter Huston $8 by lifting note of Thomas Owens for $8.25.

Bond of Henry Sinco as constable
Henry Sinco and his surety Charles Maltby are parties to an offical bond to guarantee that Sinco will faithfully discharge his duties as Constable of New Salem Precinct.

Agreement between James Plank and William Herndon
James Plank agrees to sell cattle to William Herndon. This partial document is in two pieces, one of which is blank. It probably lacks half of the original document.

John Dawson to James D. Allen
John Dawson forwards a copy of the law creating an additional Justice of the Peace district for Athens, Illinois, to James D. Allen, Athens postmaster and member of the Long Nine.

Promissory note of Abraham Lincoln and others to Reuben Radford
As a result of the failure of the Berry and Lincoln store in New Salem, Abraham Lincoln, William F. Berry, and William Green promise to pay Reuben Radford $379.82 with interest. Lincoln referred to this as his "national debt." On the back of the note…

Junius Brutus Booth to Miss Martin
Junius Brutus Booth writes Miss Martin telling her that he has thrown away her Bible and begging her to accept another one.

Oath of Robert L. Wilson as administrator of the estate of Benjamin Hyder
As administrator of the estate of Benjamin Hyder, deceased, Robert Wilson swears to carry out his duties as required by law. James Adams signs the oath as Probate Judge. Adams is known as one of the Long Nine.

Sale bill for the estate of Ninian Edwards
A sale bill from the sale of the estate of Ninian Edwards, Sr., notes the purchase of a wagon and yoke of oxen for $92.50 by Ninian Edwards, Jr.

Junius Brutus Booth to John Howard Payne
Junius Brutus Booth politely reminds John Howard Payne of money owed him, as Booth has "the greatest occasion for cash at this time."

Junius Brutus Booth to L. Glossop
Junius Brutus Booth writes to theatre manager L. Glossop to arrange for an engagement of seven nights at the Royal Coburg Theatre in London.

Signature of Sarah Siddons
This signature of Sarah Siddons accompanies two prints of Ms. Siddons in costume elsewhere in the collection. The date of this signature is based on the years of her birth and death.

William Duff to Jeremiah Cox
Jeremiah Cox agrees to pay William Duff $1.25.

Promissory note of John Hanks to John Carter
John Hanks places his mark to this note promising to pay John Carter $100 with interest.

Writ of execution in the case of Watkins v. Lincoln and Berry
Charles R. Matheny issues this writ of execution to Sheriff G. Elkin of Sangamon County ordering him to collect $57.86 with interest and court costs from Abraham Lincoln and William F. Berry for William Watkins who received judgement for debt on…

Bond of Jacob Lincoln to Rebacah Lincoln
This bond is signed by Jacob Lincoln and Rebecah Lincoln's mark. Jacob borrows $100 from his mother Rebacah. Jacob Lincoln is one of Colonel Abraham Lincoln's four brothers.

Bond of Hananiah Lincoln to Edward Rawlings
By signing this bond, Hananiah Lincoln agrees to pay Edward Rawlings twenty-two pounds relating to a suit for damages in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Bond of Isaac Bush as constable
Isaac Bush and his surety Christopher Bush promise to pay $500, payable in money or tobacco, to the State of Kentucky if Isaac does not fulfill his duties as constable. Christopher Bush is the father of Abraham Lincoln's step-mother Sarah and Isaac…

Marriage bond of Josiah Lincoln
Josiah Lincoln cosigns a Kentucky marriage bond that guarantees that there is no legal cause to obstruct the marriage between Peter Sibert and the daughter of Catherine Briggs.

Writ of Capias in Carson v. Greenawalt
Benjamin Helm signs his writ of capias promising the sheriff of Hardin County, Kentucky, to bring the defendant into custody to appear in court.

Rental agreement between Robert S. Todd and Benjamin Clarke
Robert S. Todd writes and signs this rental agreement regarding the rental of a piece of property, stipulating no timber is to be cut "but for making rails."

Junius Brutus Booth to Madame Delannoy
While in Brussels, Junius Brutus Booth writes to Madame Delannoy about his success in London, his wife's pregnancy, and Bonaparte's military activity. Booth writes his letter in French.

Marriage bond of Caleb Hazle
Caleb Hazel signs his Commonwealth of Kentucky marriage bond. Thomas Lincoln signs as his witness.

Engraved portrait and signature of Abraham Lincoln
The engraved portrait, signed and inscribed in pencil A. Lincoln with additional ink inscription: "To W.M. Kasson/Feby 18th 1861" written on a small slip attached to the bottom of the image is enclosed in a contemporary gutta-percha decorative hinged…

Robert Smith Todd to Elizabeth Humphrey
In his Christmas Eve letter to Elizabeth Humphrey, recent widower Robert Smith Todd presses his courtship to his future wife. Humphrey later becomes the stepmother of Mary Todd.
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