Alkire-Ross-Leach Collection


Alkire-Ross-Leach Collection


Alkire, Adeline Ross, 1838-1915
Leach, Mary Ross, 1825-1905
Alkire, Matilda, 1870-
Alkire, Margaret M., 1872-
Alkire, Mary A., 1875-
Alkire, Julia J., 1877-
Alkire, Mabel E., 1879-
Hahn, Gertrude R. Alkire, 1883-
Mowry, Neva Hahn, 1904-


The photographs in the Ross-Alkire-Leach Family Collection revolve around the families of sisters Adeline Ross Alkire and Mary E. Ross Leach and their children: Matilda, Margaret, Mary, Julia, Mabel, and Gertrude Alkire; Miles and William Leach.

Collection Items

James Y. Alkire
A portrait of farmer and physician James Y. Alkire.

Womens Group Photo
A large group of women gather at an unidentified location for a photograph.

Adeline Ross Alkire
Photo of Adeline "Addie" Ross Alkire darning socks in front of a hammock.

James and Adeline Alkire Home
Photo of the Adeline and James Alkire home in Springfield located at 538 W. North Grand Ave.

Neva Hahn Mowry Home
Photo of the Neva Hahn Mowry home in Springfield.

Gertrude Hahn, Neva Hahn Mowry, and Charles R. Hahn
Gertrude R. Hahn (left) and her husband, Charles R. Hahn, stand for a photo with their daughter, Neva Hahn Mowry (center).

Adeline Ross Alkire
Adeline "Addie" Ross Alkire poses for a portrait wearing a dark dress.

Albert E. Ross
Albert E. Ross, older brother of Adeline "Addie" Ross Alkire, poses for a portrait.

Albert E. Ross
Albert E. Ross, the brother of Adeline "Addie" Ross Alkire, poses for a portrait. On verso: "A. E. Ross to A. H. R., May 27, 1864."

Adeline Ross Alkire and Daughters
Portrait of Adeline "Addie" Ross Alkire (1838-1915) and her six daughters, Gertrude, Mabel, Mary, Matilda, Margaret, and Julia.
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