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  • Collection: Adolph Germer Collection
Photo of caves near La Jolla, California
Three unidentified men standing on walkway next to "Keep off of grass" sign
Photo of entrance gate for the cemetery
Man standing in front of cemetery
Two men standing in front of wall of photographs
Photo from distance of Miner's Cemetery
John Walker and Adolph Germer with sign reading "Keep Off Of Grass; Do Not Park On Drive"
Campaign banner promoting Benson for President and Kirkpatrick for Vice-President, along with the party motto
On verso: Miner's Hall, Mt. Olive
On verso: International Socialist Meeting, London, 1912; Adolph Germer, Left; Keir Hardie, Center, 1st Labor M.P.
On Front: Miners delegation to First Constitutional Convention of the Congress of Industrial Organizations, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Nov. 17, 1938
Three men standing in front of Atlantic Ocean reading a newspaper
View of Monument at Bunker Hill
Photo of travelers' covered wagons and horses at campsite
Photo of Mission building
Group photo with men on ground and women on staircase
Photo of battleship in harbor
Photo of Busch garden structures
Photo of Vanderbilt Mansion at 5th Avenue and 58th Street, New York
Photo of Clark Mansion, 5th Avenue, New York
Photo of John Walker and Adolph Germer
Adolph Germer standing next to a row of bushes in the park
Picture of Mt. Rainier
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