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Group of delegates to the constitutional convention On verso: Adolph Germer (second from right, back row)
On Front: Members, United Steel Workers of America attending 7th Constitutional Convention Congress of Industrial Organizations Stevens Hotel, Chicago, Ill., Nov. 20-25, 1944 On verso: Adolph Germer (4th from right, back row)
On verso: Sayre, Adolph Germer & Grasso Special Convention
Adolph Germer speaking at special convention
Adolph Germer shaking hands with an unidentified man at the 17th Constitutional Convention for C.I.O. in New York; On verso: Adolph Germer (center)
On verso: L. to R. Adolph Germer, Fullerton Fulton, Bill Mayo, Allen Haywood
On verso: L. to R. Claude Ballard, Adolph Germer, Adlai Stevenson
Eugene V. Debs standing in front of prison gates
Eugene V. Debs with Seymour Stedman and supporters
Eugene V. Debs shaking hands with Seymour Stedman
Three men including Adolph Germer carry a spool of paper
On verso: Meeting of the American Socialist Party
People gathering for picnic
Group of men sitting on the back of an automobile
Men sitting or standing while holding onto a stability bar on an automobile
Group of boys standing next to or sitting on mules
On front: Virden,Ill, where in 1898 Four Mt. Olive Miners were killed by thugs from Chicago and St Louis, MO
Graves and headstone for three men
An audience listening to a speaker on a platform
A man and woman sit on a swing with another man standing behind them
Picture of Mt. Rainier
Adolph Germer standing next to a row of bushes in the park
Photo of John Walker and Adolph Germer
Photo of Clark Mansion, 5th Avenue, New York
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