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  • Collection: Albert Louis Loud Collection
An unidentified woman stands at a table next to a large structure on wheels housed in a wooden structure.
Two women and a man stand in front of a triplane sitting in a field.
Two men stand on scaffolding surrounding an unidentified structure.
An unidentified man stands behind the engine of a triplane.
Several people stand under and on the hangar for the dirigible Republiqueat Roziere-Lapalisse in France.
A landscape view shows the America'shangar on the coast of Spitzbergen, Norway, as a ship docks in the harbor.

Crowds Surround Airship America
Large crowds surround the airship America as it stands partially under its hangar.
Several men unroll a large piece of fabric under the dirigible America's hanger at Spitzbergen. A docked ship sits in the water at the far end of the hangar.
Several boats with passengers travel near an unidentified dirigible sitting in water.
The airship America hovers over the Atlantic Ocean after a failed attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean as seen from the deck of the Royal Mail ship Trent.
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