Alex B. Morean to Richard Yates


Alex B. Morean to Richard Yates


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Saint Louis Mo. June 11th 1861

Richard Yates

Springfield Ills My Dear Sir

Your esteem favor 6th

Inst. this day at hand I certainly cannot but exprefs

my thanks to you for the interest you are taking

in the welfare of myself & Family & I only hope

that the day may come when I can in some way

return to you some favor in part compensation. I

began to feel probally without a cause that owing to

my misfortunes & knowing that I could be of no

more service to any of my Political friends in Illinois

that they were dispossed to let me go and make no

effort in my behalf. I could not reconcile it to myself

to think that of you from our long and intimate

acquaintance. not that I had ever done any thing

in days that are past and gone to claim any thing

at your hands. but my claims from from Friendship

alone. my son will be 18 years old this fall. he writes

a good hand, is attentive to businefs & believe he

could sustain himself in any position he might be able

to get. his adrefs is modest, no bad habits, rather

small of his age. in a conversation with Geo. T. Brown

of Alton a day or two ago he remarked if he succeeds

in obtaining his appointment as sergent at arms of

the senate, of which he had no doubt at present he

would provide for him. his name is Douglas Alexander Morean

it would be uselefs for me to take a place unlefs it

would pay me more than a bare support at the

same time if things continue much longer as they are

now I may be compelled to even take such a place as

that. for I can assure you businefs has fallen off to

mere nothing here I have a young man with

me who lives with me as one of my Family and

is willing to make any sacrifice in my behalf, who

is anxious to get a place also & between yourself &

Geo T. Brown I hope I may get him as well as Douglas

a situation as both of them after paying their own

expenses would pay over to me what surplus money

they made the Young Man is James Clinton Turner

you know him. he is the young man who wrote to

the Mo. Democrat. & State Journal in regard to your

polical visit to Jerseyville last summer. he is a warm

and firm Republican & Union Man Just 21 a splendid

penman, finely educated. good habits and evry way

qualified to fill any station he could obtain in any

of the Departments at Washington. I can assure you

it is very humiliating to ask any thing for myself

or any of my Family. I have been accustomed all

my life to work for my Friends & them only. Financially

I went too far for return hence my present condition.

I should like to see you so much why cannot

you come to St. Louis before you leave for Washington

I presume ere now. you are in the Governors Mansion

My Family at present quite well with kind regards

for yourself & Family I Remain as ever

Truly your Friend

Alex. B. Morean

Alex. B. Morean -

Asking appointment

for self and sons.

A. B. Morean




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