Emory C. Bartholow to Richard Yates


Emory C. Bartholow to Richard Yates




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Brownsville Texas June 17th 64

Hon Richard Yates

Dear Sir

I understand that the President has called out for three years service 400.000 men.

If it is possible I would like to be detatched from the 94th so as to enable me to accept a position in some one of the new Regiments which will be organised in Illinois.

I am a soldier. I think that I understand military science sufficiently well to enable me to take command of a company or to fill acceptably any position in a Regiment.

I have a good education which qualifies me for almost any branch of business. I pride myself upon my morality which I regard as an indispensable characteristic of a good

officer. to substantiate what I have affirmed I refer to Maj Brisoe 94th Ill. Volls. Rev Mr Rutledge Bloomington Illinois Pres O.S. Munsell Wesleyan University Bloomington Illinois. Profs Wilkins & DeMotte " " "[Wesleyan University] I also refer to the best citizens of McLean Co that is to the Union men of old McLean

Now Dear gov if you will grant me a Commission in one of the new Regiments I shall do my duty as an officer should, if not I will continue to do my duty as a private in the rear rank of the old 94th.

I am willing to be examined by any Military Board and to rest upon their decision.

I have a brother who is also well qualified to fill any position in a company.

If it is possible grant us both commissions in the same Regiment. He refers to the same men and is willing to be examined the same as I am

We remain Yours for the Union forever

Emory C. Bartholow

Co "G" 94th Ill Vols

James M. Bartholow

Co "G" 94th Illinois Vol Inft

Hon Richard Yates



Bartholon. Emory C.

Brownsville. Texas

June 17. 1864.

Is a member of the 94th Regt in event of any new Regts being Called for Submits his own name and his brothers for Comn

Write him a kind letter---will file & if a chance Glad to give him & bro a place

Ansd July 13th 64




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