E. S. Condit to James Oakes


E. S. Condit to James Oakes


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Office Provost Marshal,

Eleventh District, Illinois.

Vandalia July 30. 1864

Lieut. Col. James Oakes,

A. A. Pro. Mar. Gen'l

Springfield Ills.


I have the honor to report that your Letter of instructions of 26th inst. was received on the 28th inst. when I proceeded to Ramsey without delay I had an interview with several of the men named, some of them having left the place through fear of personal violence. There is certainly a band of desparadoes infesting a portion of Fayette & Montgomery counties; committing depradations on the union citizens, robbing them of their arms and in some instances of money. They make their Head Quarters in Montgomery county between Vanburenburg and Ramsey, and are variously estimated from forty to two hundred; from what I can learn there are about twenty fives strangers supposed to be guerillas from the border slave states, the others are residents of Montgomery Fayette and Bond counties. Their principal object seems to be to obtain arms and horses, and to intimidate and drive off union citizens Reports have been current

here since yesterday morning that the citizens of Hillsboro had organized a force to arrest them. on returning here this morning from Ramsey, I found this place wild with excitement. two men just in report the citizens from Bond and Montgomery counties fighting with the guerillas about seven miles from this place. two men reported Killed the citizens of Vandalia armed and mounted about twenty men and sent them out to take part in the contest. The reports of numbers on either side are so vague and improbable that it is impossible at this time to form an opinion. Until the result of the present difficulty is Known, I cannot state what course will be advisable for Government to pursue, or what force, if any, will be necessary.

I remain

Your Most Obedient Servant

(Signed) E. S. Condit

Capt & Prov. Marshal

11th Dist. Illinois

Office A. A. P. M. G. Ills.

Springfield Aug. 2. 1864

An official copy respectfully furnished His Excellency, Richard Yates, Governor of State of Illinois.

In the temporary absence of Lieut. Col. James Oakes A. A. P. M. G. Ills.

Very Respectfully

Your Obt. Servt.

Newton Bateman.

Asst In Charge of Office



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