I. H. Buffington to Richard Yates


I. H. Buffington to Richard Yates


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Jerseyville Ills March 21 1865 To The Hon Richard Yates Dear Sir! I have always sustained your claims to place and power and formerly worked with Alex B Morean to secure for you the vote of our county, district, and State, while a shadow of suspicion has never been cast upon my singleness of purpose and disinterestedness, at a time indeed with my position seemed secure I wrote to Jas R [C?] Forrest in spirit and manner as follows Jerseyville Ills Sept 12, 186[5?] Jas R [C?] Forest Dear Sir: You require no reference albeit you furnish the best in the world-Gov Yates has been my favorite Statesman from his earliest efforts in our State Legislature through long years of untiring labor and patriotic devotion to the great interest of our State and Nation, by his eloquence and ability he always advocated and sustained the best measures for the attainment of the best ends-the accarateness and vigor of his intellect are only equalled by his earnestness of purpose and greatness of soul-to him the State of Illinois owes more than to any other man. his glory and distinction in the present terrible struggle against the slave power, his stirring appeals have sent hosts of noble hearted men to meet the foe on every southern field: nor did his care and interest end here.he followed them

thence and held the cup to parching lips, and cooled the fevered brow of those who spared not health nor counted life. too dear an offering in our countrys peril; that to which I testify. I know: through him as instrument, I live a witness of his care for sick and wounded men" In conclusion: I admit that I now desire your confidence and aid! one who has always been with Yates cannot of course be far astray-John I White has been appointed Post Master in Jerseyville in my place, I know of no charge against me and presume there is none I have already sent a large amount of testimony to the P. O. Department and have no great fear for the result if they will but examine it-the cause of my present writing to you therefore is that you will use your influence to secure me a full and candid hearing-do not I pray you allow me to be sacrificed without accusation or trial-. Your Obt Servt I. H. Buffington Post Master (transcribed [illegible] asst I. H. Buffington PM Jerseyville Ill [post stamped Jerseyville Mar?]

Write me how the post office matter finally came out-I feel anxious to serve you in some way if I can

I. H. Buffington P. M. Jerseyville Ills-says John I. White has been appointed in his place at Jerseyville-protests against decapitation without a hearing has forwarded testimonials to the dept [illegible][illegible] wrote him Aug 20th that I wished to know all the facts of his case and that I should like to serve him if possible



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