Saddles Compliments of W. J. Tackabery


Saddles Compliments of W. J. Tackabery


Tackabery, W. J.


An advertisement features saddles sold by W. J. Tackabery, manager of Fife & Miller, the largest carriage house in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. The saddles are all numbered on the front page, and listed from left to right, top to bottom, read, "#100, #45, #22, #51, #55, and #44."

On verso: "No. 45 Stamped seat and horn strap covered cinches and covered iron or hickory stirrup, best Llama pocket as represented in photograph, with pocket $45. Without pockets, $37.50.; No. 100 Full stamped with 3-4 seat, on genuine Colorado long freske tree, with best of cinches, stirrups, etc., price. $75.; On Tackabery Wild West Tree, made with the Tackabery seat, (observe the strength of back rigging) with best girths and stirrups as shown on photograph, without pocket, $37.50. With pocket, wool lined housing, $45.; No. 22 'The Chief.' Plane wheel 3-4 seat and genuine Schamele tree, covered cinches with covered iron or hickory stirrups in all their styles, large Llama pockets made of best California skirting. Price with out pockets, $37-50. With pockets. $45.; No. 44 Made on genuine steel fork short Frekese tree, plain wheel border. Any stirrup and girth, without pockets, $35. With pocket, $40.; No. 55 Made on genuine steel fork short Frekese tree, basket border stamped, fine girth and stirrup, without pockets $37.50 With pockets, $45.; The Durham Trade Mark on Every Saddle; Hair Pockets, No. 22, Llama pocket as shown on photograph 22, wool lined housing extension hair, price $7.50. No. 51, Llama pocket plain same pattern as shown on No. 100 saddle, wool lined housing. $7.50. No. 25, Hair pocket, same pattern and make as No. 22, smaller size, wool lined housing, $5.00. No. 23, Same as 25 pocket only smaller, $4.00. Leather Pockets, No. 44, Solid housing large pocket, $3.50. No. 65, Laced housing smaller pocket, $2.50."


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