Henry Asbury to Richard Yates


Henry Asbury to Richard Yates


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Quincy Ill July 17 A D 1862

To His Excellency Richard Yates Springfield Ills.

Dr Governor. I received this morning your proclamation & letter to the President. I troubled you with a line a day or two ago expressing among other things my gratitude to you for your letter to Mr Lincoln. I noticed in your proclamation that you call for nine regiment of Infantry for three years Service being a part of the quota of this State under the call of the President for 300,000 men. I do not know, but I have heretofore supposed that Illinois, in the comparison with other states and in respect to her due proportion of the whole number of troops raised was ahead. Now Governor, "it doth not appear yet what we Shall be" before this war is over. My examinations and investigations and in this region they have been considerable lead to the conviction that we have about two republican Soldiers in the field to one heretofore democrat. I believe it will hold good in the whole State and in each and every State. I may be very much mistaken but this is my judgment.

I fear that those young men of democratic tendency who have thus far kept out of the War, staying at home to vote, will not now come forward to volunteer and that these nine regiments will fall on to the republicans almost alone. - besides as our Governor and our Great Father, you must see to it that young Illinois Shall not [conndined?] in default at least whilst She is really ahead. In point of fact wont these nine new Regiments put Illinois even with her quota including the 300,000: if so you will I doubt not see to it that She is put right on the record -

If this war is carried on as heretofore by The U States - Whilst Conscription is adopted in the United States, and with the aid of at least the brute force of 4,000,000 of slaves against us - We Shall need some men at home, And being the most exposed of all the States to attack from rebeldom. Let us see that whilst Illinois raises up to her quota that because She is Mr Lincolns State, She is not to be made the pack horse of the war, as to a great extent she has been.

I have desired from the first tap of the drum to be in this war - but being Subject to rheumatic attacks and all the ills of bad Kidney, I fear I should get sick and either die in hospital or have to go home. I think I would make a good Colonel, though I know now nothing of Strictly military matters - I am not a candidate and if there is any place where you think I might be useful and better than the man who offers I will try it on. I am only 52 years of age though I am told I look older.

We have no news here to day. Yesterday brought us news of an intended veto of the so called [Confiscation?] bill - if so [uncle?] Abe will go into deep deep Water, the great body of the Republicans will be thoroughly down on him, unless he at the same time adopts some more Stringent policy

The Dear Democrats will be mad - and were [Dollardayham?] &C I Suspect for the purpose of making him appear a great failure will Charge front and go it for Emancipation

May the good God direct Mr Lincoln aright and save our Country Excuse this long and desultory letter & believe me yours very Respectfully

Henry Asbury

Quincy Ills

PS Should you have to resort to a draft to raise men here - It will be very important that the parties selected should be reliable honest & impartial - therefore as you are not so well acquainted here as I am I would if you desire it give you Some names of both parties to select from - I do not however now, know how the thing is to be done - If it can be avoided dont let Singleton have anything to do with it unless he is associated with others - H A -

Henry Asbury Quincy July 17

Ills quota - conduct of the War. - thinks he would do for Colonel &c. drafting &c.

Write Asbury a good letter noticing his points - Tell him I followed language of Prest in saying "part of the quota of 300,000" - The 300,000 called from loyal States without reference to any thing done before. -

Ansd July 22




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