K. H. Fell to Richard Yates



K. H. Fell to Richard Yates


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Bloomington Augt 14" 1862

Honl Richard Yates

Dear Sir-

Dr Dunn after advising with his Friends this morning has, declined being a candidate for Surgeon. He wishes me to say to you, that he feels under many obligations to you for your kindness & courtesy but does not wish to put you to any further trouble in the premises, as he is out of the way -

I have also had a talk with some of our Friends, about the possibility of your not not being with us on Saturday at out meeting and they all feel that it will be a great disappointment if you should not be here. We all know that you have vast interests, intruded to you, and great pressure upon your energy & time, and that physical exhaustion, and nervous debility are the

necessary consequences of such constant application and attention to the public weal.

But what we ask of you can be made easy rather a matter of recreation than of exhaustion.

Whilst we had wished to make yours the leading speech, we will be entirely satisfied for you to occupy just as much, or as little time as you may feel like, and would further suggest, that the speech delivered by you the other day at Chicago, (in our humble judgement) could not be improved for that occasion -

If you do not feel like delivering all of that speech, (which I suppose you could easily reproduce) give us a part of it but we beg of you not to disappoint us by not coming - We are aware of the fact that there are a certain few here in this community who are envious of and dislike you and honest old Abe & Lovejoy, because (as we think) you have advanced away

beyond them on the great questions of the day, and are ready to take hold in earnest of all the means God & nature have placed in our hands to crush out this damnable Rebelion-

Some people you know are selfish enough to be capable of envy & jealousy even in times like these and that class of persons we are satisfied are disposed to throw objects in the way of making prominent, such men as yourself & Honl Owen Lovejoy -

Hence, those of us who have been the harty supporters of your administration, are very anxious that you should come up -

By special Train, you can leave in the morning, and return (if you desire so to do) by the regular Train) or, remain till the close of the meeting & go down on the special Train in the evening -

We think that in justice to yourself you ought to come, if it is possible -

Col. Hecker has just finished making a thrilling talk here, and goes to your place by the Train to night --

But I am trespassing too much on your time & will conclude, and remain

Very respectfully yours.

K H Fell

K H Fell

Bloomington Augt 14

Urging the Governor to attend military mass meeting.



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