Issac H. Miner to Richard Yates

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Annapolis Md

April 27th 1863

Govener Yates Sir

to your Excelency I take the Responsibility to write you a few lines to inform you of my present situation. I was wounded at the battle of Murfreesboro the 1st day of January 1863 & was taken prisoner the next day & there I remained in the so called Confedracy untill the 8th day of March During that period of time I had one of my finger amputated also was taken down with the [Erasipalis?] & in Consiquence I have lost the use of my hand at least for a while, & the head Sergeon says I will haft to stay here 3 months Before I can get a transfer to my own State & Sir as one that has

been true to his Cuntry I would Request a favor of my Respected Govener to get me transfered to my own State, the head Sergeon Says by writing to you I can be Transfered imeadiately at your Command, I am ready for for field servicethe minute my hand is [illegible] or any other service my commander sees fit to [illegible] - or place me in

by So doing you will Oblige A Soldier of the U S Army Co [A?] 36 Regt Illinois Volunteers & Obeident Servant Isaac N Miner

Most Respectively


At U S Genl Hospital

Annapolis Md

Isaac N Miner

Annapoles Md April 27 1863

Is informed that it will be three months before he can be transferred to his own state unless it is done through the Governor - wishes to be transferred to Illinois. is a member of the 36th Regt.

Recd Ex O. May 1st 1863.