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Photographs in this collection include several images of Chicago landmarks and street scenes.

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Marina City Sketch
Completed in 1964, Marina City consists of an entire Chicago city block, including residential and commercial buildings along the Chicago River.

La Salle Street and Board of Trade
A streetview shows the old downtown financial district and trading center in Chicago.

Engberg and Holmberg Publishing Co.
A group of men and two young girls stand outside the Engberg-Holmberg Publishing Company at 119 East Chicago Avenue. Jonas Engberg and Charles Peter Holmberg founded the Engberg-Holmberg Publishing Company in 1884.

Large Room
An interior view of an unknown building shows several tables and chairs set up around a large room. On verso: "Library?"

Cyrus Hall McCormick Home
An exterior view shows the home of Cyrus Hall McCormick at 675 Rush Street. McCormick most notably invented the mechanical reaper.

Hospital Ward
Several patients and staff, including Dr. Charles Wood (left), pose for a picture inside a ward in an unidentified Chicago hospital.

Trinity Episcopal Church
Built in 1860 on Jackson Street, between Michigan and Wabash Avenues in Chicago, the Trinity Episcopal Church featured two towers on the front of the building. The church was destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Weber Piano Company
Several horse-drawn carriages travel up and down a muddy street in front of the first Weber Piano Company showroom at 239 Wabash Avenue.

"Old John"
"Old John" sits for a portrait wearing fishermen's clothing.On verso: "The fisherman, as he appeared at the Great Western Ill. Sanitary Fair, 1864."

Chicago Public Schools
Class members and staff from an unidentified Chicago public school gather for a group photo for remembrance of the 1883 school year.

Chicago Public Schools
Children and their teacher from Central Park School, Class #13, a Chicago public school, gather for a group photo for remembrance of the 1883 school year.

Post Office and Federal Building
Cars and horse-drawn carriages line the street along the side of the Chicago Federal Building. The Chicago Federal Building, which opened in 1905, and housed both federal courts and the city's main post office, was demolished in 1965.

Ear Operating Room
The ear operating room at the Chicago Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary features several medical instruments and hospital bed. Edward L. Holmes founded the Chicago Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary in 1852. The organization became an Illinois…

Ritzmann, Brookes & Company
Elevated train tracks run alongside a building located at 300 W. Grand Avenue. The building was the home of the Ritzmann, Brookes & Company publishing house.

South District Water Filtration Plant
Construction materials cover the the South District Water Filtration Plant.

Water Tower
A sketch features Chicago's Water Tower landmark on Michigan Avenue.

Club DeLisa
A souvenir photograph from the Chicago nightclub, Club DeLisa, shows three men and one woman sitting at a table surrounded by other club-goers. Club DeLisa opened in 1934 and was owned by the four DeLisa brothers.

Patients receive hydrotherapy for pain relief and treatment at the Federal Veterans Hospital in North Chicago.

Union Stockyards
An aerial view shows a man on horseback riding by several cattle pens in a large union stockyard in Chicago, where livestock is readied for slaughter, packaging, and shipping.

Swedish Newspaper Row
A streetview shows two sets of railroad tracks running down a Chicago street dubbed "Swedish Newspaper Row." On verso: "Andrew Chaiser and G. Bohman on corner."

Chicago Light Guard
Three members of the Chicago Light Guard stand wearing their uniforms. Organized by Captain J. B. Wyman in 1854, the militia served as guardsmen while training at the old Armory Light Guard Hall.

Chicago Cityscape
A view of a large neighborhood in Chicago shows a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Col. Wood's Museum is recognizable on the far right by the flags waving from the building's roof.

Commercial Building
A large complex in Chicago houses several businesses, including the Michigan Central Railroad Office.

Wolf's Point, 1832
A drawing depicts Wolf's Point on the Chicago River during the height of the Black Hawk War between the United States and Native Americans led by Sauk chief, Black Hawk.
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