Illinois State Historical Society Centennial Business Program Collection


Illinois State Historical Society Centennial Business Program Collection


Illinois State Historical Society


Photographs in this collection feature historic businesses and monuments including the Lovejoy Monument and the W. A. Wieboldt & Company department store.

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Lovejoy Monument
A crowd gathers at the Lovejoy Monument in Alton to learn about its history. The monument memorializes Elijah P. Lovejoy, a minster, journalist, newspaper editor, and an abolitionist during the 1830s who died trying to defend his anti-slavery…

Michael Devine, Charlene Cannon, and Robert Tabscott at Lovejoy Monument
Historic Preservation Agency director, Michael Devine, acting Lovejoy Grave Trustee, Charlene Cannon, and Rev. Robert Tabscott, pastor of DesPere Presbyterian Church (Lovejoy's church before he came to Alton to escape attempts on his life), visit the…

Ava Conley, Jim McPike, William Roller, and Charlene Gill at Lovejoy Monument
Four people stand in front of the Lovejoy Monument listening to an out-of-view speaker.Members of the Lovejoy Monument Preservation Committee of Pride, Inc. From left: Ara Conley, Alton Museum Board; Rep. Jim McPike, (D) Alton; William Roller,…

Lester W. Brann, Jr. and John P. Clarke
Lester W. Brann, Jr., president of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, presents John P. Clarke with the "Oldest Business" award.

Streetview of W. A. Wieboldt & Company
People and automobiles line the street in front of a department store. On verso: "March 31, 1983; A scene from the past, the exterior of the third in what is today a 14-unit department store group, as it appeared in 1925. Known as 'the Midwest…

W. A. Wieboldt & Company Sales Counters
Customers shop at several counters at the W. A. Wieboldt & Company department store.On verso: "The first floor of the Ashland and Monroe store as it appeared to Wieboldt shoppers in 1925. Shoppers enjoyed a vast array of merchandise in a style…

Men with Architectural Drawings
Two men stand in the women's department pf W. A. Wieboldt and Company looking at architectural drawings.On verso: "Revitalizing of Wieboldt's flagship store is already underway. Here President David C. Keller (right) and Sr. Vice President and…
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