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Dwight H. Green Collection


Green, Dwight H. (Dwight Herbert), 1897-1958
Illinois. Governor
Office of the Governor


Dwight H. Green served as governor from 1941 until 1949. Prior to his time as governor, Green worked as a United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois from 1931-1935 where he focused on fighting organized crime. He was part of the federal government's team of attorneys prosecuting Al Capone in 1931. Green unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Chicago in 1939.

Photographs in this collection include images of Green and his family during his time as Illinois governor.

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Governor Dwight H. Green
Governor Dwight H. Green poses for a portrait.On verso: "With Kindest Regards, Dwight W. Green."

Dwight H. Green at Podium
Dwight H. Green stands at the podium with his hands held in the air.

Dwight H. Green Speech
Dwight H. Green speaks at the podium at an event in Beardstown.

Dwight H. Green, George Bunn, and Henry Converse
Dwight H. Green examines a piece of paper with George Bunn and Henry Converse. On verso: "State agrees to buy Sangamon County Courthouse 1945."

Dwight H. Green Speaks to Five Girls
Governor Dwight H. Green speaks to five unidentified girls next to a bust of Abraham Lincoln. On verso: "Gov. D. H. Green with Volk bust of Lincoln. Gift of Illinois to Liberia in honor of Centennial, 1938."

Dwight H. Green, Robert R. McCormick, and C. Wayland Brooks
Dwight H. Green (back, left), Colonel Robert R. McCormick (back, right), and United States Senator C. Wayland Brooks (front, left), leave the State House on Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair.

Dwight H. Green Gives Aviation Award to Paul Fulk
Governor Dwight H. Green (right) presents the trophy for 1st place in the 1941 Air Tour, Private Class to Paul D. Fulk (middle), of Bethany. George C. Roberts, Secretary of the Illinois Aeronautics Commission stands to the left.

Mabel Kingston Green at Mirror
Illinois First Lady Mabel Kingston Green combs her hair in the mirror while her daughter, Gloria, looks on.

Mabel Kingston Green Next to Plane
Illinois First Lady Mabel Kingston Green stands beside a Trans World Airlines Air Freight plane at the 1946 Illinois State Fair.

Dwight H. Green and Mabel Kingston Attend Event
Illinois Governor Dwight H. Green sits next to his wife, Mabel Kingston, at an unidentified event.

Dwight H. Green and Mabel Kingston at Soybean Dinner
Governor Dwight H. Green and his wife, Mabel Kingston, attend a dinner endorsing soybeans.

Gloria Green
Gloria Green, the daughter of Governor Dwight H. Green and Mabel Kingston, sits on a couch with her stuffed elephant.

Nancy Green
Nancy Green, the daughter of Governor Dwight H. Green and Mabel Kingston, sits on a couch and plays a board game.

Mabel Kingston Green, Gloria Green, and Nancy Green
Illinois First Lady Mabel Kingston Green kisses her daughters, Gloria and Nancy, as they prepare to leave for school.

Green Family in Living Room
The Green family, including (l-r) Gloria Green (left), Governor Dwight H. Green (2nd from left), First Lady Mabel Kingston Green (2nd from right), and Nancy Green, enjoy a moment at home.

Greens at Inaugural Ball
Governor Dwight H. Green (left) and his wife, Mabel Kingston Green (middle), sit with Illinois Inaugural Ball Chairman Edward T. Ryerson, Jr. (right), at the ball.On verso: "Green, Mrs. Green and Edward T. Ryerson, Jr., of Chicago, chairman of theā€¦

Dwight H. Green Takes Oath of Office
Illinois Supreme Court Justice Walter T. Gunn (far left) and Illinois Speaker of the House Elmer Schnackenberg (left of Green) look on as Dwight H. Green takes the gubernatorial oath of office.

Green Family at Inauguration
Governor Dwight H. Green (back left), Mabel Kingston Green (back right), Nancy Green (front left), and Gloria Green (front right), pose for a family photo on Inauguration Day.

Dwight H. Green and Ferre C. Watkins
Dwight H. Green and his campaign manager, Ferre C. Watkins, arrive by train at the Alton depot for Green's inauguration as governor.

Inaugural Committee
Members of the 1941 Inaugural Committee, composed of members of both the Illinois House and Senate, stand at the Governor's Mansion in Springfield prior to the start of the parade for Dwight H. Green.

Commonwealth-Edison Drum and Bugle Corps in Inauguration Parade
The Commonwealth-Edison Drum and Bugle Corps marches in the inaugural parade for Dwight H. Green, taking place on Capitol Avenue, near 5th Street in Springfield.

Company C, 130th Illinois Infantry in Inauguration Parade
Company C of the 130th Illinois Infantry marches in the 1941 inaugural parade for Governor Dwight H. Green.

Dwight Green's Car in Inauguration Parade
Dwight H. Green's car leads a line of automobiles in his inaugural parade.

Illinois General Assembly Members Walk to Inauguration
Members of the Illinois General Assembly march down the northeast walk of the statehouse on their way to the Illinois State Armory for Dwight H. Green's inauguration.

1941 Gubernatorial Inauguration
Large crowds fill the stage and auditorium for Dwight Green's inauguration as governor.
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