Alphabetical list of Springfield, Ill. citizens or "snow birds".


Alphabetical list of Springfield, Ill. citizens or "snow birds".


City dwellers
Enos, Zimri A. (Zimri Allen), 1821-1907


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Zimri A. Enos, son of one of Springfield's founders, Pascal Enos, documented the residents of Springfield and the location of their homes prior to the winter of 1830-1831. During the 1830-1831 winter, southern Illinois was covered by three feet of snow and experienced sub-zero temperatures for several weeks.

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1830 - 1831



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Residents of Springfield before the Deep Snow of 1830-1831
A listing of Springfield residents and their property prior to the 1830-1831 winter gathered by Zimri Enos. During the 1830-1831 winter the city experienced several feet of snow and freezing temperatures for several weeks.
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