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"A collection of new and original music for singing classes, day schools, and conventions." Includes a musical dictionary. Cover is yellow and print is hard to see clearly on cover.

Hymns. "For use in churches, and for social and family devotions." Cover is dark brown.
A ballad with religious aspects or overtones. Cover has ornamental border.
Sacred /church music. This song is with a series music called "Beautiful sacred music for the church and home." On cover there is an index for other songs found in the series, only "Sun Of My Soul," is presented with this sheet music. Cover also has…
Song sheet contains "The Sugar Dolly," a song about a doll left out in the rain. According to cover "The Discontented Duckling" (not included) was produced with this song. Cover has illustrations of a duck with her duckling and an illustration of a…
A Republican Campaign song, support for the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamilin. Election of 1860. No Cover page.
A song about prisoners of war. No cover page.
A song about Springfield, Illinois. Sheet music was intended to be a souvenir edition. Cover has a picture of Lincoln with Lincoln Home and Lincoln Tomb.
No cover. Church hymn for Christian Chruch. On reverse-church service order, from First Presbyterian Church.
Music only, no words. This song sheet contains "No 1.: The Departure." According to cover there were two other songs produced called "No. 2: The Journey and No. 3 The Return." Dedicated to "Miss Jennie M. Whipple."
Song about Southern Illinois specifically Cairo, Illinois also known as "Little Egypt." No Cover page.
A waltz. This song sheet was intended to be an official music souvenir copy. On Cover there is a lithograph of "Bird's eye view of the Cotton States and International Exposition--Atlanta, GA, U. S. A."
A rallying song for the Union cause. Cover has ornamental border.

Song about Springfield, Illinois. On cover: Springfield Sites, Lincoln Home and Capitol building.
No Cover. Song about soldiers singing in camp, they sing to remember their loved ones. Dedicated to "Our friend Sargent Albert H. West, 1st U. S. Volunteers, Chicago, Ill."
A patriotic song associated with American Civil War. On over there is an illustration of American flag.
A love song ballad. Dedicated to "Mrs. Chas. Beavers."
A Polka, quickstep. "Respectfully dedicated to our 'Gallant Governor' Hon. Richard Yates, 'The Soldier's Friend' by the author." Richard Yates was governor of Illinois during the American Civil War. Music only no words
A song about Union soldiers who died for their "Flag" in the Civil War. This song was dedicated to "The Girls At Home." This song was meant to be a companion piece to "Brave Boys Are They."
Song about soldiers in death waking when a higher power calls them on to heaven. Associated with World War I. Contains religious aspects. On cover photograph:" Posed by Thomasanne Payne, Authoress and Carl Stickelman, Sculptor, beside the First…
On cover: "The original song, as sung by the boys in blue in Sherman's Army. Written and composed in prison, at Columbia, South Carolina, and Dedicated to the Army of the Union." Patriotic song about General William Tecumseh Sherman's march to the…
Ballad, could be interpreted with religious aspects. - Handwritten note-cannot read
A song celebrating the sesquicentennial of Illinois, 1818-1968. Cover has state of Illinois outlined with a farm scene with in the borders of Illinois.
A patriotic song about becoming a naturalized citizen and declaring devotion to the United States. Cover depicts people in a room, one of which is "Uncle Sam", surrounded by American Flags and portraits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Back…
No cover. Song about Sangamon County, IL. Included is a letter from Russell Garmong to The Abraham Lincoln Club, Springfield, Illinois. Garmone is asking the club to buy his song for 1,500 dollars.
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