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James L. Adams, Sr. sits outside in a rocking chair for a portrait.
James L. Adams, Jr. stands outside holding his hat for a portrait.
Roe R. Adams stands at attention wearing his Navy uniform.
Margery Adams poses in a pink kimono and holds a fan given to her by her brother, Roe R. Adams.On verso: "Pink kimono from Roe. Now Martha has kimono."
Sisters Mary Snyder and Laura Adams stand on a porch for a photograph.
A pear blossom tree stands in full bloom on the Adams property.
The Adams family cats, Clemenceau, Snowdrift, and Snowball, sit outside taking in the sunlight.
Margery Adams (far right) poses for a photograph with her parents, James and Laura Adams (far left and left center) and her aunt, Mary Snyder (right center).
Ivy covers a portion of the Adams family home in Springfield.
Seven women, including Margery Adams (third from left), pose for a group photo wearing dresses and hats. The writing at the bottom of the photo identifying the women reads, "Daisy, Elma, M. A., Annie, B. E. Cressey, Margaret, Rose, [Megan]."
Margery Adams stands next to a horse-drawn wagon during a visit to New Salem.
An unidentified woman wears her witch costume for Halloween while holding a broomstick and a cat in her lap.
Margery Adams stands at the entrance to a building holding a potted Easter Lily on Palm Sunday.
Margery Adams poses for a photo wearing coveralls and a hat.
Margery Adams poses for a photo with her bull, May.
Margery Adams sits in a chair holding a scroll.
Margery Adams smiles for a portrait.
Laura Lavinia Snyder Adams sits for a portrait wearing a bow at the collar of her dress. On verso: "Mrs. James L. Adams, Sr."
Enoch Snyder sits for a portrait wearing a suit and tie. On verso: "Father of Mary Caroline Snyder and Laura Lavinia Snyder (Mrs. James L. Adams, Sr.) (Margery Adams' Maternal Grandfather)."
Brother and sister, John Quincy Adams and Margery Adams, pose for a portrait.
Mary Caroline Snyder, the daughter of Enoch Snyder and Charity Minkler Snyder, poses for a portrait wearing a dark dress.
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