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Several men participate in the laying of a new cement road in Astoria.
An exterior view shows the side of the Lewis Ross Mansion as seen from Broadway.
An exterior view of St. Mary's School in Knoxville shows students standing on the grounds of the school as well as on the balconies of the building. On verso: "From Sister. 3/4-89."Additional images from St. Mary's School on Chronicling Illinois areā€¦
An Illinois State trooper watches striking students from Collinsville School District 10.
Elephants walk out of elephant trailers built by the Eli Bridge Company in Jacksonville.
Three horse-drawn covered wagons stand in the street opposite several commercial buildings.
A painting shows several cars parked along the street in front of a grassy area and several buildings in Winchester, Illinois.On verso: "Winchester, Ill. From Talman Son & Loan Bank - Chicago 1966"
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