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An advertisement for C. G. Slocumb of Keithsburg, Illinois, appears on a wagon filled with window shutters in Abingdon. On verso: "This photograph dated July 4, 1879, was in the effects of J. M. Staley, a photographer who was in business in Clear…
Children imitate the preacher and choir of a Methodist church for a parade float entitled "Arcola Methodism 1859-1955" in Arcola.
Several men participate in the laying of a new cement road in Astoria.
Workers contribute to the laying of a new cement road in Astoria.
A concrete mixer helps workers lay a new road in Astoria.
Photo caption: "Aerial view of main accelerator at National Accelerator Laboratory. The main accelerator is four miles in circumference; 1.24 miles in diameter."
Residents of Bishop Hill gather to celebrate Old Settlers Day. On verso: "Taken Sept. 22 - 1906 in the village park Bishop Hill, Ills at the 60th anniversary of the founding of Bishop Hill."
Residents attend the 26th Annual Bowen picnic.
Several men stand outside the George and John Lee livery with a horse and carriages.Photo caption: "George and John Lee livery stable at Bunker Hill ILL."
Several businesses line a main street in Cairo.
An Illinois State trooper watches striking students from Collinsville School District 10.
A chart of the H. Mueller Manufacturing Company is labeled to show the expansion for munition production during World War I.
Brothers Jason and Owen Brown stand around a tin stove in Pasadena, California. On verso: "John Brown's sons. Alexander & Howell, Dixon, Ill. made tin stoves for western emigrants, 1850s. This may be one of those stoves."
Horse drawn carts travel the streets in Elgin.
Members of the Elmwood Park Electric Department stand outside of their truck. On verso: "1960 Elmwood Park Electrical Department - left to right Bingle & taken on Diversey near Sunset Drive on the north side of town."
An artist's interpretation of Galena, Illinois, shows the city on the right side of the Galena River with two bridges leading to and from land in the middle of the river. The photo caption incorrectly references the city's location in Wisconsin. It…
A scenic view shows the Rock River at Grand Detour. On verso: "Green Rock at Grand Detour."
Members of the "Celebrated Lazy Nine" baseball team baseball team from Harvard, Illinois, pose for a group photograph. Photo caption: "Celebrated Lazy Nine; J. McGahan, S.S.; C. M. Johnson, F.B.; Frank Elwood, L.F.; C. Hanna, R.F.: G. Goodell, 2.B.;…
Employees of Frank Pearson's barber shop wait for their next clients.From left to right: Verne Greenwell, Henry Meyer, Frank Pearson, and Victor.
Elephants walk out of elephant trailers built by the Eli Bridge Company in Jacksonville.
An exterior view shows the small white building housing the Kent Cheese Company in Kent.
An exterior view of St. Mary's School in Knoxville shows students standing on the grounds of the school as well as on the balconies of the building. On verso: "From Sister. 3/4-89."Additional images from St. Mary's School on Chronicling Illinois are…
Female students of the St. Mary's Academy play various roles during a school performance.Additional images from St. Mary's School on Chronicling Illinois are available in the St. Mary's School-Class of 1888 Collection located…
Residents of Lewistown stand outside the store fronts of various businesses, including Babcock & Hupp; J. L. Killip, Merchant Tailor; Dr. Atkinson, Dentist; O. M. Waggoner, Physician and Surgeon; and Hasson & Sons.
An exterior view shows the snow-covered Lewis Ross Mansion in Lewistown as seen from Milton Avenue.
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