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An advertisement for Casper J. Jacoby, Sr. details his progression in life and in business. Additional writing attached to this postcard reads, "This panorama is not given to exalt our success but to honor God for his blessings."
Casper J. Jacoby, Sr. and Anna D. Lippoldt Jacoby sit in a cart pulled by a pair of cattle while visiting the Rhine in Germany with William C. Jacoby.
Three girls stand under or next to an arch designating the entrance to C. J. Jacoby's College Heights real estate development in Vero Beach, Florida.
Fourteen men and women, and one child, pose for a photo in Chautauqua. Casper J. Jacoby, Sr. is pictured standing, fourth from the right.
A street view shows a bandstand dedicated to the city of Bunker Hill by Casper J. Jacoby, Sr. and Anna D. Lippoldt Jacoby in memory of their son, Oscar.
An aerial view shows the interior ofthe C. J. Jacoby furniture store in Alton featuring several living room furniture pieces on opening day.
A large group of people stand in the street in front of a church during an unidentified event posing for a photo.
An exterior view shows a sandy area surrounding Casper J. Jacoby, Sr.'s winter home located in Vero Beach, Florida.
An exterior view shows a large porch on the front of Casper J. Jacoby, Sr.'s home in Alton.
An exterior view shows the C. J. Jacoby furniture store in Alton.
Judge Louis Bernreuter sits for a portrait with his wife, Wilhelmina, and children, Ruth and Edward.
The five Jacoby brothers, Casper J. Jacoby, Sr., Philip W. Jacoby, Henry C. Jacoby, Louis C. Jacoby, and William C. Jacoby pose for a photograph at a Jacoby Brothers stockholders meeting.Pictured (l-r): Casper J. Jacoby, Henry C. Jacoby, Philip W.…
Casper J. Jacoby, Sr. poses for a photo with his eleven grandchildren. The verso contains a full listing of four generations of Jacoby family members.On verso: "Great-Grandparents; Henry Jacoby, 1819-10-07 - 1885-12-09; Katherine Jacoby, 1824-03-06 -…
Members of the Jacoby family pose for a family portrait outside a home. Casper J. Jacoby, Sr. and his wife Anna D. Lippoldt Jacoby sit in the center of the photo.
Casper J. Jacoby, Sr. and family members enjoy the water on an unidentified beach.
Casper J. Jacoby, Sr. sits for a portrait with his three sons, Edwin, Casper, Jr., and Philip.
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