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Several women gather inside a courtyard and in the windows of a building at 108 Avenue du Roule in Neuilly-sur-Seine a western suburb of Paris, France.
An unidentified woman poses among flowers for a photo with five unidentified children.
Eleanor Sawyer sits for a portrait in profile looking to her right. On verso: "Later: Beerbohm - Tree's discovery, Prima 'Eleanor Perry,' Eleanor Sawyer over the childhood years my 'best friend' Chicago - Magnolia (Rosemere) Emmet Beach Mackinac.…
An unidentified woman holds two seven week-old infant children identified as "John" and "William."
Clark Robinson Griggs and Lavinia Collar Griggs, maternal grandparents of Helene Black Abbot, pose for a portrait with their family. Griggs was a veteran of the American Civil War, a member of the Illinois House of Representatives, and mayor of…
Elise Abbot Cole poses for a portrait while leaning against the back of a chair. On verso: "Elise Abbot Cole Hillsboro Ills (Mrs. Charles Cole) Like her mother, attended Monticello Seminary at Alton, Illinois - Early 1890's."
Mary Elizabeth Black sits for a portrait wearing a white shawl. On verso: "Monticello - 1861."
Members of the Vassar College 1900-1901 freshman basketball team pose for a team photo. Helene Black Abbot is pictured seated on the left.
William Abbot sits for a portrait wearing a suit with a white bow tie.
William Abbot stands on a box for a portrait during his childhood.
Stephen Abbot poses for a portrait in his youth wearing a dark suit and tie.
Stephen Abbot, father of William Abbot and grandfather of Stephen Abbot, sits for a portrait wearing a suit, bow tie, and scarf. On verso: "Stephen Abbot. Born in Milford, N. H. Nov. 22' 1797. Married in Milford, N. H. Dec. 2' 1834. Died in…
Martha M. Gutterson Abbot sits for a portrait wearing a blouse with a white collar. On verso: "Martha M. Gutterson. Born in Andover, Mass. Nov 6" 1805. Married in Milford, N. H. Dec. 2" 1834. to Stephen Abbot. Died in Hillsboro, Ills. July 7th 1861."
Henry Abbot sits for a portrait at age seventeen wearing a dark suit.
Siblings Elise Abbot, Henry Abbot, and Stephen Abbot pose for a portait.
Elise Burghalter Abbot, a German immigrant and wife of William Abbot, sits for a portrait.
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