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A Cisne high school student practices on gymnastic rings in the school gymnasium.
A girl hand washes a Buick automobile near Bloomington.
A member of a woman's club stands next to an Indian woman wearing a sari.
Male high school students learn how to use sewing machines in a home economics class.
Male high school students ask their teacher questions about measurements and sewing during a home economics class.
A male high school student irons an article of clothing during a home economics class.
A Wayne City High School student looks at his teacher while she poses for a photograph wearing an apron and chef hat.
A male high school student looks at his sewing machine during a home economics class while two other boys use a sewing machine behind him.
Five Wayne City High School staff members pose for a group photo in front of five school buses.
Two men perform maintenance work at the Wayne City High School while a third man observes.
Two female high school students hold a pan of doughnuts inside the school cafeteria.
Three Wayne City High School lunch ladies clean up the school kitchen.
Three men examine a brass fire hose nozzle at a Wayne City school.
Members of the Wayne City Diner staff pose behind the counter for a group photo.
Two young men identified as Mormons pose side by side in an office for a photo.
A man surveys damage inside an unidentified Mill Shoals church.
A man identified as "Elliott" lies in his coffin at an unidentified funeral home.
Local residents sit at a table and eat during a community fish fry.
Local residents line up to get their food at a community fish fry.
Three men stand near a large fryer and hold up fish cooked for a city fish fry.
A woman poses with a large banana tree that is growing in her backyard.
Kroger officials look over a bound publication during an advertising conference.
Two men stand next to a telephone and several wires.
Community members gather inside a school gymnasium.
An unidentified couple poses for a photo while standing inside the entrance to the Wayne County Record newspaper office.
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