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Senator Adeline Geo-Karis and Governor Daniel Walker speak with a large group of students.
Senator Adeline Geo-Karis and Governor Daniel Walker speak to each other while a group of students stand behind them.
Adeline Geo-Karis holds a painting while speaking with Illinois State Fair committee member
Adeline Geo-Karis, Governor Daniel Walker, and several unidentified men stand at the end of a table and pose for a portrati.
Illinois Senator Adeline Geo-Karis shakes hands with First Lady Patricia Nixon.
Photo caption: "Lincolnshire, Ill., Sept. 4--WELCOME--Illinois Rep. Adeline Geo-Karis, R-Zion, second from left, smiles as First Lady Betty Ford shakes hands with well wishers on her arrival at Marriott's Lincolnshire Resort Saturday. Mrs. Ford will…
On verso: "Senator Karl Berning (left) greets Adeline J. Geo-Karis at the state capital building a Springfield during the recent Springfield visit of Mrs. Geo-Karis and members of her campaign staff. Mrs. Geo-Karis, a Republican nominee for State…
Adeline Geo-Karis stands next to a seven-piece band sitting on a parade float sponsored by the Waukegan Federation of Musicians Local 284.
Adeline Geo-Karis shakes hands with two women.
Adeline Geo-Karis stands with an unidentified man and woman at the entrance to the Illinois State Capitol while visiting the Illinois State Capitol as a candidate for state representative.
Adeline Geo-Karis sits on the back of a convertible waving at an unidentified parade crowd.
Representative Adeline Geo-Karis poses for a photograph while working at her desk.
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