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A patriotic song about becoming a naturalized citizen and declaring devotion to the United States. Cover depicts people in a room, one of which is "Uncle Sam", surrounded by American Flags and portraits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Back…
No cover. Song about Sangamon County, IL. Included is a letter from Russell Garmong to The Abraham Lincoln Club, Springfield, Illinois. Garmone is asking the club to buy his song for 1,500 dollars.
No cover. Song about Sangamon County, IL. Dedicated "To the school children of Sangamon County, September 1, 1902."
A ballad about the Sangamon River in Illinois. Cover photo of Sangamon River.
Song in support of Franklin Delano Roosevelt that he will see the nation through the Great Depression. Cover shows picture of F.D.R. along with a hand written note: "To Henry Horner, governor state of Illinois, Best Wishes. Allen Summers." Dated…
Cover has index of other songs, this particular sheet music presents "Rock A Bye: The Cradle Song."
Sheet music contains three songs, (ballads) written by George Frederick Root. This is a "Supplement to the Sunday Inter Ocean, vol. 23, no. 85, Sunday June 17, 1894." On cover there is an Illustration and biographical sketch of George F. Root.
A "Popular Comic Ballad." A humorous song about how people can pretend to be good or superior.
A song about protecting the newly freed slaves because they fought in the war. Dedicated to "The honorable, the thirty -ninth Congress. Sung by Skiff and Gaylord's Minstrels."
Campaign song for William McKinley, presidential election 1900. On cover at top pictures of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Center of cover there is a picture of an eagle with shield and a ribbon in mouth, "Republican Administration." Song…
Music only no words. Music in celebration of the Centennial Celebration of Illinois, 1818-1918.
A song [ with chorus ad libitum] founded on an incident of war." At top of cover, dedication: To Miss Frank Huntington of New York." Song about telling a mother that her son will not be returning home from war.
No cover page. Music only no words. At top of sheet: "The Daintiest Musical Conceit of the Year." On reverse: Advertising musical incipit : "If money talks, it ain't on speaking terms with me." Words and music : J. Fred Helf.
A religious song about doing good works.

Patriotic song about Illinois. Cover depicts Illinois farmland with State Capitol building in background.
Also known as: "Protect my boy." Song about mothers asking a higher power to protect their sons fighting in war. Religious song. Cover presents illustration of a woman with hands together in prayer. She is surrounded by cherub type faces.
Song about fisherman. Plain border.
Dedicated to : "Co. H. Tenth Regiment Illinois Volunteers." Patriotic song. Song supports soldiers in Union Army. Cover has ornamental border.
Patriotic song with religious overtones. The Union will win the war because god has willed it. Partial ornamental border.
A patriotic song in honor of United States flag. At top of cover : "Union, God and Liberty." Cover depicts illustration of assorted patriots, one of whom is holding an American Flag. A Statue of George Washington on horseback can be seen in…
On Cover: "Great scenes of Grandeur so rare, in Chicago. All nations there, and ev'ry delegate, there will celebrate, at the great World's Fair." Ornamental border. A song about Illinois and Chicago. Could have been written in anticipation of…
Patriotic song about the State of Illinois. Cover presents picture of Illinois state flag, with stars and Illinois state silhouetted near right. There also a handwritten note on cover "For the Historical Library-Ruth S. Gaudlitz-1956." On inside page…
A patriotic song for the United States of America. Dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America. Cover has a picture of American Flag.
A patriotic song in support of soldiers in World War 2. No cover.
This song is about U. S. troops going to Berlin ( WWW 1) and victory over the Kaiser. Cover shows picture of a soldier with bayonet with tents in background.
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