Kingdom Coming!



Kingdom Coming!


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American Civil War (1861-1865)
African American


Mixed-chorus song depicts slave recounting life on plantation in anticipation of freedom while his master flees from approching Union troops.


Henry C. Work


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum




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KINGDOM COMING! SONG AND CHORUS, BY HENRY C. WORK, Author of "Nellie Lost and Found;" "Our Captain's Last Words;" "Beautitul Rose," Etc.

CHICAGO: Published by ROOT & CADY 95 Clark Street.

Wm. Hall & Son, Firth Pond & Co., New York. Henry Tolman & Co., Boston. S. Brainard & Co., Cleveland. H.N. Hempsted, Milwaukee. J.H. Whittemore, Detroit.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1862, by Root & Cady, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.



1. Say, darkeys, hab you seen de massa, Wid de muffstash on his face, Go long de road some time dis mornin', Like he gwine to leab de place; He seen a smoke, way up de ribber, Whar de Linkum gumboats lay; He took is hat, an'


lef bery sudden, An' I spec he's run away. De massa run? ha ha! De darkey stay? ho ho! It mus' be now de kingdom comin,' An' de yearob Jubilo! De massa run? ha ha! De darkey stay? ho ho! It mus' be now de kingdom comin', An' de yearob Jubilo!


2. He six foot one way, two foot tudder, An' he weigh tree hundred pound, His coat so big, he could'nt pay de tailor, An' it wont go halfway round. He drill so much, dey call him Cap'an, An' he get so drefful tann'd, I spec he try an' fool dem Yankees For to tink he's contraband.


3. De darkeys feel so lonesome libing In de loghouse on de lawn, Dey move dar tings to massa's parlor For to keep it while he's gone. Dar's wine an' cider in de kitchen, An' de darkeys dey'll hab some; I spose dey'll all be cornfiscated When de Linkum sojers come.


4. De oberseer he make us trouble, An' he dribe us round a spell; We lock him up in de smoke-house cellar, Wid de key trown in de well. De whip is lost, de han'cuff broken, But de massa'll hab his pay; He's ole enough, big enough, ought to known better Dan to went an' run away.



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Beautiful Rose. Henry C. Work, 25 cts.

The Girls at Home. Henry C. Work, 25 cts.

Happy Days of Yore. Francis Folcott, 25 cts.

The First Gun is Fired! "May God protect the right." Song and Chorus. G.F. Root, 25 cts.

God Bless Our Brave Young Volunteers? G.F. Root, 25 cts.

Forward Boys, Forward! Quartette and Chorus, for men's voices, 15 cts.

The Stars and the Stripes, The Flag of the Free. Song and Chorus. Frisbie, 25 cts.

Stand Up for Uncle Sam, My Boys, Song and Chorus. Geo. F. Root, 25 cts.

Ensign of Glory. National Anthem. Rev. R. Park, D.D., 25 cts.

Negro Boatmen's Song. Port Royal, 1861. H.T. Merrill, 25 cts.

The Dear Ones All at Home. Song and Chorus. W.B. Bradbury, 25 cts.

Now the Swallow are Returning. Song. Abt, 25 cts. In the style of "When the Swallows homeward fly."

Kitty Ryder. Song. G.F. Root, 25 cts. Sprightly.

Nellie Lost and Found. A touching Ballad, with Chorus. Henry C. Work, 25 cts.

Our Captain's Last Words. Henry C. Work. 25 cts.

The Vacant Chair. Song and Chorus. G.F. Root, 25 cts.

Take Your Gun and Go, John! Song and Chorus. H.T. Merrill, 25 cts.

Silent Evening. Baritone or Contralto Solo. J.M. Hubbard, 25 cts.

Mine Own. Song. J.M. Hubbard, 25 cts. Answer to "Call me Pet Names."

Home Far Away. Song. Flotow, 25 cts. An adaptation of one of the most beautiful melodies in a new Opera by the author of Martha.

Dream on, Lillie. Song and Quartette. G.F. Root, 25 cts.

Mother, Oh Sing to me of Heaven. Song and Quartette. G.F. Root, 25 cts.

I Never Kiss and Tell. Song. J.M. Hubbard, 25 cts.

The Secret. Song. Schubert, 25 cts. For Tenor or Soprano. Exquisite but difficult.

Evening. Song. Claepius, 25 cts. Song for Contralto or Baritone--Classic and beautiful.

Welcome to Spring. S.W. Martin, 25 cts.

O! Are Ye Sleeping Maggie. Scotch Song, 25 cts.

Forest Requiem. Song and Chorus. G.C.W., 25 cts.

My Cottage Home, Dear Mother. Root, 25 cts.

My Heart is Like a Silent Lute. Root, 25 cts.

Death of the Robin. J.M. Hubbard, 25 cts.

Song of the Egyptian Girl. Hubbard, 25 cts.

Thou Wilt Come Nevermore to the Stream, Kitty. H.L. Frisbie, 25 cts.

Jimmy's Wooing. G.F. Root, 15 cts.

O Come You from the Indies, or Robert's Return from the War. Wurzel, 50 cts.

The six following pieces simplified by A.W. Berg.

Gouttes D'Eau. (Tremolo), 25 cts.

Chant National des Croates, 25 cts.

March de la Reine, 25 cts.

Les Deux Anges. (Varied.), 25 cts.

L'Heure de la Priere. (Varied), 25 cts.

Venzano Valse, 25 cts.

Spring Style Schottisch. Freund, 15 cts.

North Western Rifle March. By C.G.L. Arranged by Vaas, 25 cts.

Polka Gracieuse. Instrumental. Wm. Mason, 60 cts. Brilliant. Rather difficult.

Gen. Fremont's March. A.J. Vaas, 40 cts.

Major Anderson's March. A.J. Vaas, 40 cts.

Sherman House Polka Redowa. Vaas, 35 cts.

Marie Polka Mazurka. H.A. Wollenhaupt, 40 cts. One of the finest compositions of this Author. Very graceful.

Grand March, from Tannhauser. Wagner, 30 cts. Very fine but difficult.

The Zouave Cadets Quickstep. Vaas. 50 cts. Illustrated Title.

Pet Polka. George A. Florence, 25 cts. Not difficult.

Lafner Waltz. F.R. Otto, 25 cts.

Skating Quadrille. (Lithograph.) A.J. Vaas, 50 cts.

Enchantress Schottisch. (Lithograph.), 50 cts.

Forest Birds' Waltz. R. Zellner, 30 cts.

Brigg's House Polka. A.J. Vaas, 25 cts. Not difficult.

Ellsworth's Requiem March. Vaas, 40 cts.

Gen. Lyon's Battle March. Eichburg, 30 cts.

Delusion Mazurka. Klingemann, 30 cts.

All the above Vocal and Instrumental Music can be relied upon as being good and attractive.

A.A. Cowdery, Printer, No. 154 South Clark Street, Chicago.

John R. Bennett



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