Columbia's Guardian Angels


Columbia's Guardian Angels


Songs with Piano
American Civil War (1861-1865)


Lyrics depict hope for Union victory in battle. Cover depicts border of images depicting memories surrounding title.


Work, Henry C. (Henry Clay), 1832-1884


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum




Root & Cady






Illinois Sheet Music Collection




Work's Popular Songs & Ballads

Beautiful Rose. Grafted into the Army, 3 1/2. Uncle Joe's Hail Columbia. We'll Go down Ourselves, 3. Little [unintelligible]. The Girls at Home, 2 1/2. Kingdom Coming, 2 1/2. The First Love Dream. Nellie Lost & Found. Grandmother Told Me So, 3. Our Captains Last Words. The Days When We Were Young. Watching for Pa. God Save the Nation, 1 1/2.


CHICAGO: Published by ROOT & CADY, 95 Clark St.

W.A. Pond & Co. New York. Lee & Walker Philadelphia. H. Tolman & Co. Boston.

Entered according to Act of Congress A.D. 1862, by Root & Cady, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court in the Northern District of Illinois



CONGRATULATE you on the introduction of a new musical instrument, long wanted, and sure to find its way into every household of taste and refinement. L.M. Gottschalk.

A VERY efficient church organ, brought within a small compass, not easy to get out of order, and sold at a low price. New York Examiner.

BEST of their class of which we have any knowledge. More than Two Hundred Eminent Organists.

IN every respect far superior to everything of the kind I have seen, whether in Europe or America. Geo. Washbourne Morgan.

NEVER have seen anything of the kind which interested me so much. George F. Root.

EXCEEDS in my estimation every other instrument of this general class. Thomas Hastings.

THE favorable testimony of nearly every organist or pianist of note in this country, together with that of certain distinguished foreign authorities, has forestalled our appreciative comments upon the excellence and value of these carefully made instruments. New York World.

ONCE hearing them will satisfy the most skeptical that they are just what the church has been waiting for. New York Observer.

REALLY very effective and beautiful instruments. Lowell Mason.

GRAND accompaniment when the congregation sing. [Irenaeus.]

AS compared with Melodeons, Harmoniums, &c., the Cabinet Organ is certainly superior in quality and volume of tone, while its power of expression can hardly be too highly praised. William Mason.

NEXT to a church organ, and that a good sized one, the last instrument with which we are acquainted to accompany church song. New York Musical Review.

SURPASSES everything in this line I have seen, whether French or American. John Zundel.

Made only by MASON & HAMLIN, Boston.

Cabinet Organs. In plain or elegant Cases, with one to twelve Stops. Prices to $


Sophia Polka, Wimmerstedt. 25

Warbling of the Birds, " 50

Longing for the Shore, " 50

Evening Bells, " 60

Sharp-Shooters' March, " 25

Shabona Schottisch, Minkler. 25

DesMoines City Waltz, Lehman. 50

St. Paul Waltz, Vaas. 30

Grand March, Faust. 30

Little Drummer Boy's March, Merz. 25

Czaar & Zimmermann, Baumbach. 75

Pot Pourri, Faust. 75

Coquette Polka, D'Albert. 25

Published by Root and Cady, 95 Clark St. Chicago. GENERAL AGENTS FOR THE NORTH-WEST.

Columbia's Guardian Angels. Words and Music by Henry C. Work.


1. An echo floats down from the mountains, And

2. The banner hangs high in the heavens, The

3. The stronghold of Tyranny trembles--Her

4. They bring us the place among nations, Our

5. They bring us that blessing of blessings, Which

finds on the prairies release; An echo whose wonderful burden Is

beacon commences to burn; The shout of the freedman goes upward, To

minions retire in dismay, Like specters that fade in the darkness, Before

ancestors gave us before; The birthright that some would have barter'd, They

few were yet looking to see--A firm and unchangeable Union, In


"Victory! Liberty! Peace! "

welcome their waited return.

the arrival of day.

now in its fullness restore.

fact, as in theory free!


The glorious trio, behold they are

Go tell the lone watchers of earth, they are

coming! Their heralds are standing e'en now at your door:

coming To bless us--be with us--forsake us no more.

Are coming, are coming, are coming, are coming, are coming, are coming once more.

Are coming, are coming, are coming, are coming, are coming, are coming once more.

Are coming, are coming, are coming, are coming, are coming, are coming once more.

  • If the voice does not reach G easily, sing the small notes.


Full Chorus.

"Glory to God in the highest!" And the people shall answer "Amen!" Columbia's

"Glory to God in the highest!" And the people shall answer "Amen!" Columbia's

Guardian Angels Return to their empire again.

Guardian Angels Return to their empire again.

NEW MUSIC: PUBLISHED BY ROOT & CADY, 95 Clark Street, Chicago.

For Schools, Academies, and Juvenile Classes. The Silver Lute by Geo. F. Root. Price 40 cents.

Uncle Sam's Funeral. Song and chorus, by Silex: price 25 cents. Key of A minor. Ranges to E above; sterling loyalty under a serio-comic guise. We can give the first verse, but can give no idea of the ludicrous effects produced by the whisting which follows each. 'Twas but little while ago, that the copperheads were found, With their great Vallandighammer, a hammering around, And they tried to scare us with their doleful sound, H'm, Ha, &c.

I'm Dying far from those I Love. Song and chorus, by J.R. Thomas; price 30 cents. Key of E flat. Goes as high as F. Not difficult, but requiring good taste and pure sympathetic voices. I'm dying far from those I love! No gentle voice my way to cheer; How calmly would my breath depart, If loving ones were only near. No Mother's lips are on my brow, But strangers watch my lonely bed; And no one here will shed a tear, When I am lying cold and dead.

Just After the Battle. Song and chorus, by Geo. F. Root; price 30 cents. Key of F. Ranges to E above. This song is a continuation of "Just Before the Battle, Mother," by the same author, and is of somewhat similar character. Still upon the field of battle I am lying Mother dear With my wounded comrades waiting for the morning to appear; Oh the first great charge was fearful, and a thousand brave men fell, Still amid the dreadful carnage, I was safe from shot and shell; Oh the glorious cheer of triumph, when the foemen turned and fled, Leaving us the field of battle, strewn with dying and with dead.

I'se on De Way. Two choruses with solo intermediate, by Wurzel; price 25 cents. Key of G minor. Goes up to F in chorus, but only to B flat in the solo, which may be taken by a low or alto voice. We would caution all pro-slavery people against singing this song, for we don't think they would like it. Hail! all hail! I'se a'gwine to de Union army; Hail! all hail! I's on de way.


Brother Tell Me of the Battle. Song and chorus, by Geo. F. Root; price 30 cents. Key of D. Goes up to E. Brother, tell me of the battle, How the soldiers fought and fell: Tell me of the weary marches She who loves will listen well. Brother, draw thee close beside me, Lay your head upon my breast: While you're telling of the battle, Let your fevered forehead rest.

Columbia's Guardian Angels. Song, refrain and chorus, and full chorus, by Henry C. Work; price 25 cents. Some one says "you may always be sure of something new when you get a song by Mr. Work." This will be found no exception to that rule. Key of G: Very effective and interesting. Goes to G above, and requires five voices in one place to produce its full effects. The glorious trio, behold they are coming! Their heralds are standing e'en now at your door; Go tell the lone watchers of earth, they are coming to bless us--be with us--forsake us no more.

I Stand on Memory's Golden shore. Song and quartette, by J.P. Webster; price 80 cents. Key of A flat. Ranges to E flat above. Requires pure and sympathetic tones.

"Come Home, Father." Words and music by Henry C. Work. Price 25 cents. A plaintive song, complete and effective for one voice, altho' there is an unusually fine chorus accompanying it, to please those who prefer it in that shape. Father, dear father, come home with me now! The clock in the steeple strikes one; You said you were coming right home from the shop, As soon as your day's work was done. Our fire has gone out--our house is all dark--And mother's been watching since tea, With poor brother Benny so sick in her arms, And no one to help her but me.

Bury the Brave where They Fall. Song and quartette, by Lieut. H.L. Frisbie; price 30 cents. Key of A flat (four flats). Ranges to Eb above, and, in the chorus, to A flat below, and requires impressive tones and enunciation. Then sleep on, soft be thy repose, And green be the turf on thy breast; The glorious stars of our banner shall watch O'er the graves where our heroes rest.

She Sleeps beneath the Elms. Song and chorus, by J.P. Webster: price 20 cents. Key of A (three sharps), ranges to E above; movement andante sostenuto, and requires pure and sympathetic tones. The accompaniment occasionally touches the relative minor. My darling sleeps beneath the lofty elms, Where song-birds warble in their leafy homes.

Washington and Lincoln. Song and chorus, by Henry C. Work; price 25 cents. Key of Eb. Medium range. An excellent piece of for the coming campaign, as well as for concert room or parlor. "Come all ye people, O come let us tell The story of Washington and Lincoln! History's pages can never excel, The story of Washington and Lincoln."

Vicksburg is Taken, Boys. Song and chorus, by E.W. Hicks; price 25 cents. Key of C. Song goes to E above; chorus to G. Very spirited--a first rate song for all patriotic occasions. It was printed in the "Song Messenger" soon after the capture of Vicksburg, and has been so much called for that we have been obliged to issue it in sheet form. Hurray! boys, hurrah! shout glory and sing, For the traitors look sadly forsaken; Our glorious old Eagle is yet on the wing, And Vicksburg is taken, boys, taken.

Little Alice. A ballad, by J.M. Hubbard; price 25 cents. Key of F. Going only to D above. Sweet and elegant. Happy loving little Alice, With her soft and sunny curls, In the cottage or the palace, She is still the queen of girls.

Beautiful Child of Song. Solo, by S.C. Foster; price 25 cents. Key of D minor (one flat). Ranges to F above. Six-eight time. Beautiful changes to major in the harmony, accompaniment moderately difficult. Come, for the spell of a fairy, Dwells in thy magical voice.

Will you come to meet Me, Darling. Song and quartette, by G.F. Root; price 30 cents. Key of E flat (three flats). Ranges to E flat above; movement, andantino; accompaniment simple in the rhythm, but somewhat changeful and peculiar in harmony. In the chorus the melody is sustained and the other voices marcato in the first half--all joining together in the close. When my feet have grown to weary, Farther on to press their way, When my spirit waits the bidding To be severed from its clay, I shall need some hand to guide me O'er the dark and flowing tide; Will you come to meet me, darling, When I reach the river side?

Ah, He kissed Me when He left Me. Song and chorus, by Lillia Dowling. Key of E flat. Ranges to E flat above. Beautiful rhythmic movement, and plaintive and touching in the melody. Ah he kissed me when he left me, And his parting words remain Treasured deep within my bosom "Dearest, we shall meet again."


Corporal Schnapps. Song and chorus, by Henry C. work; price 30 cents. Key of D (two sharps). Ranges to E above. Serio-comic, and requires good descriptive powers, in voice, pronunciation, and manner. Mine heart ish proken into little pits, I tells you, friend, what for: Mine schweet-heart, von coot patriotic kirl, She trives me off mit der war. I fights for her der pattles of te flag--I schtrikes so prave as I can; Put now long time she nix remempers me, And coes mit another man. Chorus.--Ah! mine fraulein! You ish so ferry unkind; You coes mit Hans to Zhermany to live. And leaves poor Schnapps pehind.

All Hail to Ulysses. Song and chorus in honor of General Grant, by Chas. Haynes; price 30 cents. with lithograph portrait title, 50 cents. Key of B flat. Ranges to F above. Bold movement, and requires trumpet tones. All hail to Ulysses, the patriot's friend--The hero of battles renowned; He has won the bright laurel, Its garland he wears; And his name thro' the world we will sound.

Just before the Battle, Mother. Song and chorus, by Geo. F. Root; price 30 cents. Key of Bb. Tender and beautiful. Just before the battle, mother, I am thinking most of you, While upon the field we're watching, With the enemy in view; Comrades leaves are found me lying, Fill'd with thoughts of home and God, For well they know that on the morrow Some will sleep beneath the sod.

Sleeping for the Flag. Song and chorus, by Henry C. Work; price 25 cents. Touching and tender, of deep interest to those whose brothers are resting on the battle field. When our boys come home in triumph, brother, With the laurels they shall gain; When we go to give them welcome, brother, We shall look for you in vain. We shall wait for your returning, brother, Though we know it cannot be: for your comrades left you sleeping, brother, Underneath a southern tree.

Music sent to any address, post-paid, upon receipt of the marked price.

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