Could I = Vorrei


Could I = Vorrei


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Love song about singer wanting to comfort loved one in loneliness.


Tosti, F. Paolo (Francesco Paolo), 1846-1916
Marzials, Theophilus, 1850-1920


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COULD I. (VORREI.) Contralto or Bass in F Major & Minor.

English version by THEO MARZIALS. Music by F. PAOLO TOSTI.

Moderato. Voice. Piano

Could I but come to thee once but once Vorrei, allor che tu pallido e

only, There as you sit alone so sad and lonely, muto pieghi la fronte tra le mani e pensi,

With your head on your hands so weary hearted, Lost in sweet e ti splendon su l'animo abbattuto i vanni

dreams of happy times departed. But once! sogniei desiderim men si, vorrie

But once to enter there when night is falling, Vorrei per incantesimi d'amore

In the old sweet way, just coming at your pianamente venire al tuo richiamo

calling, And like an angel bending down e su di te piegando come un

above you, to breathe into your ear "I love you, I love you!" fiore, con dolce voce su surrarti: Io t'amo!

Could I but come just Vorrei di tutte

once, with unbound tresses Binding us round in long forgone caresses! le mie sciolte chiome cingerti con lentissima carezza,

But just once to forget that word was e sentirme da te chaimare a

spoken, That left two lives forever lost and broken. nome, veder ti folle de la mia bellezza

But once! But once to enter there when night is falling, In the vorrei. Vorrei

once to enter there when night is falling, In the per incantesimi d'amore piannamente

old sweet way, just coming at your calling, And like an angel venire al tuo richiamo, e su di te piegando

bending down above you, To breathe into your ear, "I love you, I love you!" come un fiore, con dolce voce susurrarti: Io t'amo!

To breathe into your ear, "I love you, I love you!" con dolce voce susurrarti: Io t'amo!

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