Ewing Family Collection


Ewing Family Collection


Ewing, Alexander K. (Alexander Kinnear), 1840-1874
Marshall, Jennie Ewing, 1868-1923
Powell, Louisa Frances Harris Ewing, 1844-1899
Marshall, Roland J. (Roland Jehu), 1892-1944


Captain Alexander Kinnear Ewing (1840-1874) was one of the three sons of the early Logansport, Indiana settlers, John M. (1814-1867) and Jane Kinnear Ewing (1818-1887). Captain Ewing served in the Civil War, rising from the rank of private to captain in Company B, 128th Indiana Infantry, seeing action during the Atlanta Campaign under General William Tecumseh Sherman. Upon returning from the war, he married Louisa Francis Harris (1844-1899) in 1865 and served as Deputy Postmaster and then Postmaster of Logansport, until his untimely death at the age of thirty-four. His wife, Louisa, served as Postmaster for a brief period after her husband’s death and remarried in 1881 to Jehu Z. Powell.

Before Captain Ewing’s death, he and Louisa had one daughter, Jennie Ewing (1868-1923), who married Charles E. Marshall in 1887. Charles E. Marshall and Jennie Ewing Marshall had four sons, including Roland Jehu Marshall (1892-1944). Roland and his wife, Eleanor, had two children, including Francis Dwight Marshall. Jennie Ewing moved from Indiana to Illinois and is buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois.

This collection consists of photographs relating to the Ewing family and the family of Charles E. Marshall, including Charles’ parents, Florence Brown and William P. Marshall, and his grandfather John Colvin Brown.

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John Colvin Brown
Portrait of John Colvin Brown, father to Florence Brown, who later married William P. Marshall. Florence and William's son, Charles E. Marshall, married Jennie Ewing in 1887, daughter of Alexander K. Ewing (1840-1874) and Louisa Frances Harris…

Eleanor Marshall Dodson
Eleanor Marshall Dodson, commonly referred to as "Peggy" or "Peg," possibly sister to Charles E. Marshall, husband to Jennie Ewing (1868-1923), poses for a portrait. On verso: "Peggy Dodson Ewing Marshall Dodson "Peg".

Alexander K. Ewing
Captain Alexander Kinnear Ewing sits for a portrait. Ewing's parents, John W. Ewing (1814-1867) and Jane K. Ewing (1818-1887), were among the early settlers of Logansport, Indiana, in Cass County. He married Louisa Frances Harris (1844-1899) and they…

John M. Ewing
John M. Ewing (1814-1867), father of Alexander Kinnear Ewing, sits for a portrait. On verso: "John W. Ewing father of Alex K. Ewing b Mar 7, 1814 m June 12, 1838 d Mar 27, 1867[.]"

Jane Kinnear Ewing
Jane Kinnear Ewing, wife of John W. Ewing (1814-1867), wears a dark dress with a large bow in her portrait. On verso: "Jane Kinnear Ewing mother of Alex K. Ewing Jane b. June 20, 1816 m. June 12, 1836 d. ?"

Roland Jehu Marshall
Roland Jehu Marshall (1892-1944) stares off into the distance. Marshall was the son of Jennie Ewing and her first husband Charles E. Marshall.

The Jennie Ewing Marshall Clan
Jennie Ewing Marshall (center), daughter of Alexander Kinnear Ewing, poses with her four sons, Roland Jehu Marshall (left), Francis W. Marshall, Donald Alexander Marshall, and Harry Ewing Marshall. On verso: "Roland Jehu Marshall ("Jack" - far right)…

Francis Dwight Marshall
Young Francis Dwight Marshall, son of Roland Jehu Mashall, sits on a small chair during a portrait session.

Louisa Frances Ewing
Louisa Frances Harris, later Louisa Frances Ewing as the wife of Alexander Kinnear Ewing, sits for a portrait. With Alexander's untimely death in 1874, she remarried, becoming Louisa Frances Powell. Like her husband, Louisa served as Postmaster of…
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