A. J. Cropsey to Richard Yates


A. J. Cropsey to Richard Yates


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Fairbury Livingston Co Ill July 17 1862

Governor Yates - Dear Sir -

As one of the people I take the liberty to thank you for your patriotic address to the President. Unless our rulers are aroused to put forth all the power of the nation at once we are ruined as a nation forever. Mr. Lincoln is a great & good man, but he does not seem to comprehend the awful crisis that is upon the nation. The plain fact is she is even now trembling in the balance between life & death. Yet not one half her powers have been brought into the contest. Mr Lincoln should raise two men where is raising one, and he could & should make ten gun boats where they are now making one. They alone could save us from foreign intervention. But enough of this. Would not a letter from you to some leading man or men in each County, calling upon them as patriots to get the people aroused by public meetings &c have a good influence. It will require some extra exertion for Illinois to raise her quota of the 30000 without drafting. Yet it can be done, and you can do it. Let Illinois keep her present proud position in this contest.

But I do not write to advise you on matters that you comprehend better than I,---but to inquire if I could get a Majors commission. I have no military experience. But think that after one month I could satisfy all. And if assured a place that could support my large family, so that I could devote the time, I could do as much as anyone in raising troops in this County. And if any attention is paid to localities the County is entitled to something of

of the kind for I believe she has nothing higher than a captaincy though she has raised over 500 men. But if the way is not clear for the above, what would you think, of a brigade quartermaster or commissary.

Owing to the conditions of my family and financial affairs, I had not felt called upon to enter personally into the service, but it is now different. And if you think I could be of any use anywhere please let me hear from you soon

Yours Truly

A. J. Cropsey

Ans. Sept 11

A J Cropsey Fairbury Livingston Co July 14.62

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