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"As Sung by Lizzie Hutchinson, of the Hutchinson Family" Lyrics depict singer's childhood memories with mother at their bedside after finding their old bed in an attic.
Rag-Cake Walk March-Two Step
Lyrics depict singer expressing her love for "Ralph" into old age. "Inscribed to Miss Kittie L. Putnam" Cover image depicts decorative border.
Instrumental music in honor of Stephen A. Douglas.
"Dedicated to our Illinois State Park, Starved Rock, near Ottawa, Ill." Lyrics depict singer's life in Illinois and pride in the state. Cover image includes a photograph of Starved Rock with a man and woman in a canoe on the Illinois River below.…
Lyrics depict mourning for brother killed on the battlefield. Dedication: "In Memory of Sergeant Alfred A. Walter. 72 Regt Ills Vols."
Lyrics depict pride in Macon County. "Printed by Macon County Heritage Committee - Sesquicentennial Year 1968 for the children of this county." Cover image depicts silhouette of Abraham Lincoln and the outline of Macon County. Hand written note on…
Lyrics depict soldiers rallying before going into battle. Front cover depicts a decorative archway surrounding a list of songs entitled "Root & Cady's Vocal Quartetts."
"As sung by Skiff & Gaylord's Minstrels" Lyrics depict singer's love for Mabel Clare throughout a year leading up to her death in the winter.
Lyrics depict celebration at the election of Ulysses S. Grant as President and Schuyler Colfax as Vice President of the United States. Cover image depicts portraits of Ulysses S. Grant and Schulyer Colfax in decorative circular frames held up by an…
Instrumental music. Front cover lists "Spring Waltz" and "May Polka" but sheet only includes "May Polka."
Lyrics depict the Battle of Stones River and the 19th Illinois Infantry's response to a need for a change in positioning on the battlefield. "To perpetuate the glory of the brave men of the 19th Illinois and their companions in arms who fell at…
Campaign song for Adlai Stevenson's 1956 presidential campaign. Blue cover depicts portrait of Adlai Stevenson.
Lyrics depict singer's faith in God. Cover image depicts church and home in a rural setting. Handwritten note on cover: "Not much good". Back cover lists first bars of seven songs available for purchase. Part of collection entitled "Beautiful Sacred…
"The Soldier's Campaign Song. Respectfully inscribed to the brave soldiers of America, by their comrade, Major J. Barton" Lyrics depict Ulysses S. Grant's leadership on the battlefield and support for his presidential campaign. Quote at top of cover…
Lyrics depict an encounter between a white explorer and a Native American using Native American stereotypes.
Lyrics depict support for Union soldiers and sailors.
"Arranged from Root & Cady's most popular publications by [P. P. Bliss]." Lyrics are taken from several different songs and strung together to depict singer's support for the Union cause and the Union troops.
A rallying song for the Union cause. Cover has ornamental border.
A ballad about the Sangamon River in Illinois. Cover photo of Sangamon River.
A love song ballad. Dedicated to "Mrs. Chas. Beavers."
"Commemorating her centennial 1818-1918." Lyrics depict pride in Illinois and the actions of Illinois residents during war time.
No cover. Song about Sangamon County, IL. Dedicated "To the school children of Sangamon County, September 1, 1902."
On cover: "The original song, as sung by the boys in blue in Sherman's Army. Written and composed in prison, at Columbia, South Carolina, and Dedicated to the Army of the Union." Patriotic song about General William Tecumseh Sherman's march to the…
Song about the history of the city of Kaskaskia and its bell that was lost in a flood but was found and now enshrined. Cover presents picture of the bell. Kaskaskia was the first capitol of the state of Illinois.
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