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Several members of the Etter family stand outside of the James Richie home in Palmyra. On verso: "2nd from left - holding child - James Ritchey (spelling changed by family to Ritchie during this generation), 4th from left - Sarah Ross-Richie, 5th…
An unidentified woman holds two seven week-old infant children identified as "John" and "William."
Adlai E. Stevenson II rides a donkey while holding a briefcase labeled "Democratas" during a trip to Mexico City in 1960.
Illustrated three verse song and chorus. Lyrics depict African American singer lamenting the death of his lover, Kitty Wells. Color cover image depicts two African American men.
"As Sung by Lizzie Hutchinson, of the Hutchinson Family" Lyrics depict singer's childhood memories with mother at their bedside after finding their old bed in an attic.
Rag-Cake Walk March-Two Step
Illustrated sheet containg two versions of the same four verse song and chorus: "General Version" and "Tony Pastor's Version." Lyrics depict singer's desire to be a baby in order to receive the attention and care given to babies by women.
Lyrics depict singer expressing her love for "Ralph" into old age. "Inscribed to Miss Kittie L. Putnam" Cover image depicts decorative border.
Illustrated four verse song, "As sung by Charles Melville." Lyrics depict singer's wish for good dreams.
Two two verse songs. Lyrics depict singer's homesickness. Lyrics for "You'll Remember Me" at bottom of page. Color cover image depicts soldier sitting by campfire looking at pictures.
Three verse song. Lyrics depict singer's love of life at sea and sailing. Decorative border surrounds text.
Illustrated three verse song and chorus sung to the tune of "Here's to the Maiden of Bashfull Fifteen." Lyrics depict support for soldiers, military leaders, and nurses in battle. Color cover image depicts soldiers drinking around a punch bowl.
Illustrated two verse song and chorus sung to the tune of "Just Before the Battle Mother.'" Lyrics depict captured Union soldier in a prisoner of war camp on Belle Isle, VA and his longing for freedom.
Illustrated four verse song and chorus. Lyrics bemoan the hard times broght on by Jefferson Davis and his Confederacy.Color cover image depicts portraits of John C. Breckinridge and Jefferson Davis with drawing of Confederate states in a circle with…

Illustrated four verse song and chorus written in stereotypical 19th century African American dialect. Lyrics depict singer's affection for Nelly Bly and describes her personality and her work. Cover image depicts woman standing by a fence.
Illustrared four verse song and chorus sung to the tune of ''Old Virginia Low Lands, Low.'' "Respectfully dedicated to the Army of the Potomac by James D. Gay." Lyrics depict singer inviting Confederate soldiers to join the Union and vote for Abraham…
Illustrated four verse song and chorus. Lyrics depict soldiers drinking and encouraging Abraham Lincoln to bring the war to an end. Color cover image depicts soldiers drinking in front of a tent with a sign reading "Refreshments."
Instrumental music in honor of Stephen A. Douglas.
"Dedicated to our Illinois State Park, Starved Rock, near Ottawa, Ill." Lyrics depict singer's life in Illinois and pride in the state. Cover image includes a photograph of Starved Rock with a man and woman in a canoe on the Illinois River below.…
Lyrics depict mourning for brother killed on the battlefield. Dedication: "In Memory of Sergeant Alfred A. Walter. 72 Regt Ills Vols."
Iwo illustrated songs and chorus sung to the tune of " Kingdom Coming." Lyrics depict soldiers responding to draft call. Color cover image depicts a map of the North Carolina coast and a portrait of General Jesse Lee Reno.
Illustrated five verse song and chorus sung to the tune of "Annie Lisle." Lyrics describe Elmer Ellsworth's death and the desire to fight for his honor. Cover image depicts soldier pointing sword in upper left-hand corner above the words "Remember…
Three verse song and chorus, "Composed and sung by Johnny Judge, the Ethiopian comedian, at Varieties Theatre" Lyrics depict Jefferson Davis fleeing Richmond dressed as a woman and his capture by Union soldiers.
Lyrics depict pride in Macon County. "Printed by Macon County Heritage Committee - Sesquicentennial Year 1968 for the children of this county." Cover image depicts silhouette of Abraham Lincoln and the outline of Macon County. Hand written note on…
Lyrics depict soldiers rallying before going into battle. Front cover depicts a decorative archway surrounding a list of songs entitled "Root & Cady's Vocal Quartetts."
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