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"Aut" Simpkins and an unidentified man pose for a portrait on either side of a cast iron furniture piece. On verso: "'Aut' Simpkins and the fledgling at 16."
Photo caption: "Wilmette, Ill...Ruth Winter, radio singer and holder of four beauty titles, pictured with her new husband, Paul Cummins, Northwestern University law student who was selected as the "Ideal Man" by co-eds. They were photographed…
An oil well sits in the front yard of a farmhouse in Robinson, Crawford County, Illinois.
Comer Cox, a member of the Sumner High School baseball team, poses for a picture.
These two young African American men are dressed in worn and tattered clothes. The man wearing a hat is standing and leaning on the shoulder of the other man, who is sitting. On verso, "his 'contrabands' [underlined] just come in."
Comer Cox and "Ranki" flex their arm muscles.
Photo caption: "Washington D.C...The lady of the pictures is a seventeen-year-old Miss of Chicago, and Northwestern University, Miss Claudia Eckert, and she is demonstrating her natitorial accomplishment in the pool of the Showham Hotel here. Claudia…
Photo caption: "Chicago, Ill...The alluring Ganna Walska, beautiful opera star, thrilled Chicago music lovers at a concert at the Chicago Auditorium, with her splendid voice. In return, Miss Walska herself, was thrilled when she received a bouquet of…
An artist's depiction of a man carrying a woman across a stream towards two cows as they are "going a-milking" in Brimfield.
Photo caption: "James Hamilton Lewis reading messages of congratulation at his campaign headquarters in Chicago after early returns showed him leading Ruth Hanna McCormick; Republican, three to one for United States Senator from Illinois."
A man stands in the doorway of a Palatine Commercial Corporation storefront under a sign reading "Liberty, Polska Korporacya Handlowa Wolnosc." Polska Korporacya Handlowa Wolnosc translates to "Polish Corporation Trade Freedom".
Mary "Mother" Jones sits for a portrait wearing a dark dress.
"Old John" sits for a portrait wearing fishermen's clothing.On verso: "The fisherman, as he appeared at the Great Western Ill. Sanitary Fair, 1864."
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