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Patriotic song about America. Written for Bicentennial of United States.
"Arranged from Root & Cady's most popular publications by [P. P. Bliss]." Lyrics are taken from several different songs and strung together to depict singer's support for the Union cause and the Union troops.
A rallying song for the Union cause. Cover has ornamental border.
Patriotic song about America. American flag illustrated above first page of music.
Minstrel Song about African American soldiers. Cover depicts African American soldiers shooting at a Confederate soldier.
A religious song about going to heaven. Cover depicts an angel with wings and holding a banner that reads "Sacred Ballad."
A patriotic song celebrating the bicentennial of the founding of the United States. Song contains patriotic symbols from the revolutionary war. Cover depicts fife and drum corps with Revolution era U. S. flag.
Campaign song for Ulysses S. Grant. Presidential election 1868. U. S. Grant was president from 1869-1877. Cover has ornamental border.
Also known as "Civille Bellum or Brother and the Fallen Dragoon." A song about a soldier finding, out it was his own brother who he shot during a battle. Makes point conflict was "brother versus brother." Cover depicts a Union soldier holding a…
A song about a sibling wanting to know of how soldiers fought in battle and letting the brother know she/she will listen.
"Illinois Song" lyrics depict pride in Illinois and highlight the state's contributions to the United States during the Civil War. Color cover depicts portrait of Abraham Lincoln set with a bald eagle, two American flags, and the Illinois state seal…
Lyrics describe memory and longing for loved ones. Music torn from songbook without notation of the book information.
Instrumental music played for the World's Columbian Exposition.

Hymns. "For use in churches, and for social and family devotions." Cover is dark brown.
Instrumental music. "To the memory of Col E. E. Ellsworth who fell at Alexandria, VA. May 24, 1861." Cover depicts portrait of Col. Ellsworth with images of him in battle and crowds at grave surrounded by flags and vines. Name Emily M. Bristol…
Lyrics depict hope for Union victory in battle. Cover depicts border of images depicting memories surrounding title.
Children's song about father's absence
Love song about singer wanting to comfort loved one in loneliness.
Lyrics describe memory of life in Illinois. Sheet includes letter from Senator Charles Percy
Lyrics describe worry for loved one
Funerary song for soldier
Rag-Cake Walk March-Two Step
Instrumental music in honor of Stephen A. Douglas.
Lyrics refer to rivers in Illinois.
The Keeley Institute was founded in Dwight in 1879 by Leslie Keeley, and, until it closed its doors in 1965, offered treatment to cure alcoholism. At the peak of the institute's popularity, there were more than 200 locations across the U.S. and in…
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